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Choosing a club is a two-way street. Coaches will assess players, but families should also evaluate if a club fits them. We think we are exactly that.

We invite any girls and boys players age U9-U19 (birth years 2005-2015) to attend a formal trial with our club.

What do we offer?

Qualified, experienced, enthusiastic coaches

A player-centered developmental philosophy

A wealth of ability-based, appropriate programming

Exposure to and assistance with college recruitment

A direct pathway to adult First Team opportunities with Steel City FC in the NPSL or WPSL

Here's what our programs looked like in 2022-2023.

All 2009-2015

Girls 2004-2008

Boys 2004-2008

Overview & Cost

Qualified, experienced, enthusiastic coaches.

We back our coaching staff against any other in the area. Their knowledge, experience and passion for driving player development is second-to-none.

Learn more about our coaches here and feel free to contact any of our Senior Staff with questions.

A player-centered development philosophy.

The player comes first. Our progressive player pool philosophy ensures players are challenged to train and play outside their comfort zones.

We are committed to teaching good, sustainable habits and a love for the game at an early age, even if it means sacrificing some match wins in the short term. Our long-term results at older ages speak for themselves.

We have years of proof that this philosophy works, and we'd be happy to tell you more about it.

Fun! And building lifelong friendships and a love of soccer.

Across the club, and particularly at the youngest ages, the game is about having fun. A deep love for soccer is foundational to a player's success. We don't lose sight of that, no matter what.

Our club does all it can to ensure that players are enjoying their soccer and everything that comes with it.

A wealth of ability-based, appropriate programming.

Our staff is always reflecting on how to best serve our players. In addition to team training and leagues, we offer different forms of technical training, festivals, futsal, friendlies and more.

The environments are designed to help individual players. For example, if a player needs extra help, he or she can train with a younger group. Similarly, a player who is 'ready' can be pushed by playing with older or more skilled players. We are always challenging our players to play outside their comfort zones.

Exposure to and assistance with college recruitment.

During the college recruitment ages, our coaches hold regular meetings with families and players, guiding them through the recruitment process: from contacting coaches to preparing for showcases and more.

We do our best to ensure that any player who wants to play collegiately or beyond is placed in the best position to do so.

A direct pathway to the NPSL or WPSL.

If you're good enough, you're old enough. Our players are provided an opportunity to train with and ultimately earn a place among the Pittsburgh Hotspurs NPSL and WPSL First Teams.

These adult teams are priceless exposure to 'the next level,' preparing our older players for collegiate or adult soccer following their youth careers.

Training location (unless otherwise noted):

All players must contact a club representative to attend a training session.

Our mission is player development.

We are committed to teaching a sustainable, attractive style of soccer, one that enforces good habits from an early age and yields consistent results in latter years.

In the spirit of a true club, we aim to provide a home and an appropriate competitive level for any player who wants to play. We strive to improve our players rather than actively recruiting from neighboring clubs.

We provide unique challenges to each player.

By forging relationships with Developmental Academies and MLS clubs, we are able to offer challenges and opportunities that few others can.

For example, our relationship with the Columbus Crew has resulted in our teams testing themselves against Crew Academy teams, some of the best youth players in the region.

Further, our club has had players identified and invited to travel to the Crew facilities in Columbus to train with the MLS club.

We've had countless players achieve their soccer dreams with us.

You can be next.

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