Last line of defense. First wave of attack.
Arsenal FC Goalkeeper Training.

The goalkeeper position is a unique position that requires attention to detail and training in a special way.

"I like to take a passionate approach to goalkeeping that creates a high intensity environment in order to foster the development of the goalkeepers in five key elements: Technical, tactical, psychological, physical, and social."

Steve Rerick

Arsenal FC Director of Goalkeeping

The modern goalkeeper is a crucial foundation to every team.


Gone are the days where goalkeepers are expected to only save shots. Today, goalkeepers play as critical a role in defense as they do in a team's build-up, balance and attack.

Our training methods prepare goalkeepers for the demands of the modern game.

Technical, tactical, psychological, physical and social.

Our goalkeeper programs aim to give our players the basic foundational skills they need, plus those that are required if they want to become 'elite' in the modern game.

Among other topics, goalkeepers will learn how to set their angles for shot-stopping, what proper technique looks like to make a save - and why - and how to effectively distribute the ball using their hands and feet. They'll learn how to lead from behind by commanding the players in front of them. But beyond the defensive aspect of the game, today's goalkeepers need to have a technical and tactical prowess that allow them to give their team the advantage while in possession.

Attacks now start with the goalkeeper. Possession is maintained through the goalkeeper. Opponents' presses are beaten using the goalkeeper.

We stress to our players, coaches and parents to have the courage to be patient and trust the development process the club has created.

Through our goalkeeper training, here is what you can expect.

Why Arsenal?


Our club has a proud history of developing some of the area's top goalkeepers who go on to have glittering soccer careers.

We understand the developmental priorities of players at each age and ability level.

We know what younger players need to lay a foundation of skills to set them up for long-term success.

We know what older players need to take their game to the next level they want to reach, whether that is high school, college, or professional.

Above all, we keep it fun. Our goal is for each player we impact to love soccer and to stay involved with the game for as long as possible.