Allow us to introduce ourselves.
We are Arsenal FC of Pittsburgh.

Arsenal Football Club is a competitive youth soccer club in Western Pennsylvania.


We provide professional training in alignment with U.S. Soccer’s philosophy and approach.

Founded in 2001, we attract committed and talented players by delivering a quality program created and executed by licensed and experienced coaches.

Our progressive player pool philosophy ensures players are challenged to train and play outside their comfort zones.

What is a player pool?

No two players develop along the same trajectory.

Some mature early while others mature gradually over  time. We recognize the individuality of a player’s developmental journey and we use a progressive, innovative approach that best fits each player: the player pool.

In this philosophy, pools of players are assembled from one or two birth years. From this group, teams are assembled based on what is deemed best for each player’s development.

An important distinction between utilizing a player pool and simply having two or three static teams in an age group is the fluidity a player pool allows. A player can move between teams or training groups based on their specific stage of development.

Since it’s possible to move players between pools, a player could be exposed to a more demanding match, moving from Pool B up to Pool A for example -- one game at a time. Then the player returns to the original pool. Utilizing the club pass and ability-based grouping into player pools eliminates the “all or nothing” situation with fixed teams.

The possible fluid movement of players between pools for training sessions and matches allows the coaching staff to individualize player development.

The staff compare notes weekly on the players to determine which ones may need to switch pools. That move could be for one day, the entire soccer year or anything in between.

We stress to our players, coaches and parents to have the courage to be patient and trust the development process the club has created.

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Our top priority is player development.

We enable players to reach their maximum potential and realize their soccer goals. Whether a player’s goal is to play professionally, collegiately or at another level, we are the vehicle to help players get there while learning to love and respect the game, their teammates, referees and opponents.

We are committed to teaching a sustainable, attractive style of soccer, one that enforces good habits from an early age and yields consistent results in latter years.

In the spirit of a true club, we aim to provide a home and an appropriate competitive level for any player who wants to play. We strive to improve our players rather than actively recruiting from neighboring clubs.

We offer a full developmental pathway that fosters a love of the game at our youngest ages and tests our oldest players against elite adult competition.

Our programming is designed for the most determined player who seeks to develop and compete locally, regionally and nationally alongside players with equally high skill, ability and commitment levels.

The Developmental Pyramid, outlining the pathway, is designed to guide players along each step of their player development journey.

From the grassroots phase where players develop a love and understanding of the game, to the Academy level where players are prepared for the life of competitive collegiate, professional or adult soccer, the programming at each phase is tailored to include age- and ability-appropriate challenges.

The Developmental Pyramid identifies and provides opportunities for players of all abilities and aspirations to enjoy their soccer using our fluid player pool philosophy.

For a player to be successful in our club, they must accept that player development is a long process and patience is a requirement. As players mature, their performances tend to ebb and flow.

We pride ourselves in evaluating players throughout the year and placing them in the appropriate environments based on their needs at that moment.

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As a part of Arsenal FC of Pittsburgh, here is what you can expect.

Bottom line.


We provide a home for soccer players to develop their skills, realize their potential and grow their character in a competitive soccer atmosphere.

We aim to develop and improve the game of soccer by facilitating the development of the individual player, coach and team.

We hope that players and their families will look back with fondness on their time with the Club as one of challenge, growth, fun and friendship.