Worried about cost?
We have ways for you to save.

Our Scrip program has helped families save money on their club membership costs.

Fundraising is tough. But through our optional Scrip program, families can fundraise to help offset their club membership costs with minimal disruption to their daily lives.

The Scrip program allows members to earn rebates through the sale of gift cards to reduce their costs. These rebates get credited directly to your Arsenal account and help to reduce your family’s cost to belong to and play for Arsenal. 

All money you earn goes directly to your account. In the past, families have saved over $500 on their club dues – with one saving over $1,100!

Buy a Gift Card

Over 750 participating retailers.

Instantly Save

A rebate is credited to your Arsenal membership cost.

Shop as Usual

Use the gift card like you normally would.

Want to get involved?

Shop with ScripWe utilize Great Lakes Scrips for our program. Their site catalogs a list of the retailers which offer cards. The retailer list will show you the size of rebate that each company pays, typically as a percentage of the value of the gift card you purchase.

The total rebates that you earn from your order will be credited to your Arsenal account on a quarterly basis.

The person buying the gift card gets 100% of the gift card value and you get the associated percentage of the gift card value applied to your soccer team account (which saves you money!). 

For example, Applebee’s pays 8% in rebates. If you sell $100 in Applebee’s gift cards, you will get $8 credited to your Arsenal account.  If someone buys Giant Eagle cards, they get 100% of the gift card value and 4% of the value gets deposited into your Arsenal account.  

The Club’s gift card order is normally placed on the 15th of each month throughout the soccer season.

Visit Shop With Scrip for Instructional Videos

Members who participate should watch the videos on MyScripWallet, ReloadNow, ScripNow and PrestoPay. Signing up for Presto Pay enables online ordering and faster processing.

Any questions? Just ask.

Our Scrip Program Coordinator is Carla Ulizzi. All payments for the program are sent directly to her and she receives the gift cards for distribution to the teams.

If you have any questions about the program or want to discuss it in more detail, please use the contact form. 

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