Returning to Play: Green Phase Safety Reminders!

A reminder to maintain safety above all else.

As Allegheny County enters the "green" phase and youth sports are slowly allowed to return to play, it is important to remember that necessary restrictions will still be in place.

Our club has worked with physicians on the front lines of the pandemic to create a comprehensive plan for safely returning to play. We are sure our players, parents and coaches will be excited as they step on the field after what feels like an eternity.

In order to participate in these small group trainings, players and their families must have completed the COVID-19 Waiver form.

Here are some reminders for everyone to follow in order to remain as safe as possible during this time.


  • Arrive at the field no earlier than five minutes before your session is to begin. Do not change at the field; arrive ready to play.
  • Keep hand sanitizer in your bag; use on your hands at each break in training.
  • Do not congregate in groups before, during or after training.
  • Place your bag in the designated area and maintain social distancing.
  • No physical contact including high fives, hugging, fist bumps, spitting, etc.
  • Wear your training kit and bring your game shirt.
  • Bring your own water bottle and ball. Do not share.
  • Balls are to remain on the ground, touched only by a player's feet.
  • Players should wear masks any time they are not on the field.
  • Try to avoid using the bathroom on-site. Limit to one person in a bathroom facility at a time.
  • Do not touch any equipment on the field, including cones and goals.


  • There are no spectators allowed at the training sessions; the fewer the bodies, the safer the environment.
  • Do not congregate in groups before, during or after training. Please wait in cars when picking up and dropping off.
  • Try to avoid using the bathroom on-site. Limit to one person in a bathroom facility at a time.


  • Sanitize your equipment before and after each session using solution provided by the club.
  • Do not allow players to touch equipment.
  • Wash your hands frequently.
  • Wear a mask at all possible times during the session.
  • Maintain safe distance from players.
  • Keep one ball with you to use in demonstrations; do not share equipment.

In addition to these reminders, a more detailed outline of safety measures has been sent to our families.

By following our measures as well as those outlined by the CDC and provided by PA West, we are confident that we can create the necessary safe environment to allow our players to reconnect with each other.

See you on the pitch!

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