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In the best of times, a player's training should not stop when they are away from their team. In times like this, where training in isolation is all a player has due to Covid-19, it's vital that guidance is provided so players can continue to develop.

We have never been afraid to push the envelope and try new things in the name of player development. To that end, we are excited to announce the launch of the Arsenal FC of Pittsburgh Digital Training Ground.

This one-of-a-kind training tool contains a vast library of digital resources to help guide and assist our players’ development.

The Digital Training Ground contains 6 key areas of the player development process:

  • Family: a support system for our Arsenal families and our local community while providing ways our families can support our Arsenal players.
  • Technique & Tactics: static and dynamic training exercises to improve a player’s “technical range” along with more complex exercises for position-specific, game-like situations.
  • Game Intelligence: visual examples and materials to help players analyze full games, break down isolated game scenarios, and study the position-specific needs, all in relation to the style and methodology of Arsenal FC of Pittsburgh.
  • Fitness: a comprehensive program that features age-appropriate exercises to improve endurance, strength, agility, coordination, and flexibility.
  • Mentality: tools to help players with the psychological demands of development, including accountability through planning, reflecting on training and performance, accepting and applying feedback from coaches, and learning from role models through videos, documentaries, articles and podcasts.
  • Wellness: resources to educate players on the impact of proper body and mind management, such as journaling, mindfulness, yoga, nutrition, and sleep.
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The aims of the Digital Training Ground for the players, coaches and families are the following:

  1. We stay connected.
  2. We improve our toughness.
  3. We gain more knowledge about ourselves and the game.
  4. We become better trainers.
  5. We become role models who inspire and create.

How will the Digital Training Ground be used?

An age-appropriate weekly training plan will be provided on the Digital Training Ground to instruct the players of their daily activities. The coaching staff will communicate more specific information to each team regarding the players’ daily activities and guide the players from week to week. Printing out your player’s weekly training plan may come in handy.

What is expected of me, the parent?

The parent’s role in the player’s development has always been vital but, rest assured, the parent’s role in the Digital Training Ground is minimal.

We are asking you (or any family member) to video a one- to two-minute clip of your player’s training sequence twice a week. The videos should then be submitted to the player’s coach via email for feedback. Coach feedback from the training videos will be crucial in the player development process.

The Digital Training Ground will be a valuable teaching tool and will continue to evolve, integrated throughout the upcoming year including the upcoming summer months. It is our vision that it will become an additional cornerstone of our club and will serve our staff and membership for years to come.

We are confident the Digital Training Ground will be another resource that makes Arsenal FC unique and special to our players and families.

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