Arsenal FC of PA participates in a program that allows club members to earn rebates through the sale of gift cards to reduce your costs. These rebates get credited directly to your Arsenal account and reduce your family’s cost to participate at Arsenal.  You do not have to participate, but it is available to you if you wish to utilize it. All money you earn goes directly to your account.  Last year, we had ten families save over $500 on their club dues – with one family saving over $1,100.  Below is the information on how you can register to participate, order gift cards and get your family’s rebates credited to your Arsenal account.

We utilize Great Lakes Scrips for our program. The general website address is This is where you can see a list of the different retailers which offer cards and print a list to keep handy. On the left side of this website is a link called "Retailer List" which you can choose to view alphabetically or by category. The “Retailer List” will show you the percentage that each company pays back to you in the form of a rebate.

The rebate percentage varies among the retailers. The total rebates that you earn from your order will be credited to your Arsenal account on a quarterly basis. Each company/gift card has a different percentage associated with it. This percentage is the amount of gift card price that gets credited to your Arsenal account.  The person buying the gift card gets 100% of the gift card value and you get the associated percentage of the gift card value applied to your soccer team account (which saves you money!).  For example, Applebee’s pays 8% in rebates. If you sell $100 in Applebee’s gift cards, you will get $8 credited to your Arsenal account.  If someone buys Giant Eagle cards, they get 100% of the gift card value and 4% of the value gets deposited into your Arsenal account.  (Remember, when you buy Giant Eagle cards at the store you don't get fuelperks until you cash them in.  So, you might as well buy Giant Eagle gift cards here and then get your fuelperks when you cash them in on groceries or buy other gift cards at the store.) 

The Club’s gift card order is normally placed once a month on the 15th of each month throughout the soccer season. The cards are usually available to you between the 20th and 22nd of each month.  In November and December we will place orders earlier in the month to ensure we receive the cards in time for the holidays and Black Friday. An email notification will go out to all the team managers monthly asking them to remind you of the upcoming ordering deadline.

We encourage all Arsenal members who sign up and utilize scrip to visit and watch the short videos on MyScripWallet, ReloadNow, ScripNow in conjunction with PrestoPay. These functions are available through Great Lakes Scrip and allow you to order gift cards through the secure ACH online payment system. Presto Pay electronically debits funds from your checking or savings account so you don’t have to send a check into me. This will allow the ScripNow, ReloadNow purchases to process faster. You can only use these functions if you sign up for Presto Pay. So please take the time to watch these short instructional videos and start earning money towards Arsenal tuition simply by shopping, dining, etc.!


Carla Ulizzi serves as the club's scrip coordinator. All payments for the program are sent directly to her and she finalizes all orders and receives the gift cards from Great Lakes Scrip for distribution to the teams. If you have any questions about the program or want to discuss it in more detail, please contact her at