We are Arsenal Football Club of Pittsburgh  

Arsenal FC of Pittsburgh is a competitive youth soccer club located in Western Pennsylvania that provides professional training in alignment with U.S. Soccer’s philosophy and approach. Founded in 1999, we attract committed and talented players by delivering a quality program created and executed by licensed and experienced coaches.

Our top priority is player development, enabling players to reach their maximum potential and realize their soccer goals. Whether a player’s goal is to play professionally, collegiately or at another level, we are  the vehicle to help players get there while learning to love and respect the game, their teammates, referees and opponents.


In the spirit of a true club, Arsenal FC of Pittsburgh aims to provide a home and an appropriate competitive level for any player who wants to play. We strive to improve our players rather than actively recruiting from neighboring clubs.  We are committed to teaching a sustainable, attractive style of soccer, one that fosters good habits from an early age and yields consistent results in latter years.


Arsenal FC of Pittsburgh is designed for the most determined player who seeks to develop and compete locally, regionally and nationally alongside players with equally high skill, ability and commitment levels. We hope that players and their families will look back with fondness on their time with the Club as one of challenge, growth, fun and friendship.