How Shopping Boss Works

How does ShoppingBoss work? 
Simple – you just shop like you always have at participating merchants, and when it’s time to pay, instead of giving your credit card to the cashier (or food server), you use your smartphone to buy the merchant’s digital gift card through Shopping Boss.

It’s delivered to you instantly, and you use that for the purchase, averaging 6% cash back. Click here for a list of merchants

***Please note, once you create a ShoppingBoss account, you can sign in from any device using your username and password. You can even share the app with your spouse and kids all with same username & password so you do not need multiple/separate accounts.


  • For any transaction, best practice is to inform the merchant you are purchasing an “Instant Digital Gift Card On My Phone”.
  • This prompts merchants to assist you and understand how to finalize your transaction.


Why do I have to enter a credit card when I’ve already paid for the whole year through my donation? Cash back is earned when digital gift cards are purchased from any of our participating merchant partners. Credit card information is securely stored in your account profile to make purchases of digital gift cards easy and fast. You may be at a store register or in a restaurant when you want to buy, so we don’t want you to have to enter credit card information to finalize transactions. Having a credit card stored makes the process and user experience quite simple.

You can also “nickname” your cards for easy reference and to toggle between making purchases. This is why families only need ONE ACCOUNT.  You can have multiple family users and toggle between multiple Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover Cards in your account.  You can even place gift cards in the app for your children to use.. no more handing out cash or lost gift cards AND when they redeem the card you instantly receive and email to know where they are!

Is my information safe? Absolutely! ShoppingBoss is fully PCI 1 compliant, the highest level security standard in the United States. Our systems are audited and certified four times a year for compliance and certification. And we will never share or sell your information to a third party either!

Can I still use my cash back credit card to make digital gift card purchases? Yes! Linking your cash back credit card to ShoppingBoss is a smart way to earn additional cash back on your everyday purchases. Simply add your card information under “My Account” then “Payment Method” in the app. You can add any Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover logged card.  Even a bank checking/debit card as long as it has one of the major logos.

Can I use coupons, buy sale items, AND earn cash back through ShoppingBoss? Yes! Smart shoppers maximize coupon and store sales by presenting them FIRST at checkout to reduce your total and then use ShoppingBoss for the final transaction amount to earn cash back on their discounted checkout price.

Can I pay for my restaurant bill with a digital gift card? Indeed you can. Our most savvy customers order an “exact amount” digital gift card from the restaurant table after receiving the bill from the server. Just jot the digital code number on the check and hand it back to the server to pay for your meal (and tip). And Viola’ – you’ve just earned cash back on dinner!

Are the digital gift cards issued directly from the merchant? Yes. Our digital gift cards are issued directly from the merchant. We do not re-market “used” or previously sold gift cards. This ensures your digital gift card purchase is secure.

Can I buy a digital gift card and store it in my account? Yes.  Under your Wallet section.

Can I buy a digital gift card and send it to someone as a gift? ABSOLUTELY!! Once the digital gift card is purchased simply press the “Send” arrow in the top right corner of the screen and select the platform style your would like to send with. (Email, Text, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram…)

Can I check the balance on my digital gift card? Yes! AT ANYTIME!!  Go to your Wallet and press the “check balance” button next to any digital gift card and the current balance will appear. Be aware, some merchants do not support real time balance checks. In those merchant cases, there will not be a check balance button available.

Help! I’m having trouble logging in. If you recently joined ShoppingBoss, make sure you have FULLY activated your account prior to login by visiting your team’s registration link, entering the activation code, and FULLY registering!

If you have any difficulty, simply call our support line toll free at 844-818-9912 or email us at and we will be happy to help! If your account is activated and you are still having problems, you can request a password reset.

Isn’t this just like Ebates? No, not at all. With ShoppingBoss, you earn cash in stores AND online. Cash back can also be earned at 100’s of restaurants across the country with ShoppingBoss. ShoppingBoss cash back earned is instant, not deposited quarterly. And cash back earned can be used for your next purchase with ShoppingBoss easily at checkout.

But best of all, ShoppingBoss can be used in conjunction with Ebates! So if you are an Ebates user, continue to earn cash back through Ebates, but when it comes time to pay for your online purchase, use a ShoppingBoss digital gift card to pay. Let’s say you buy online at Nike through Ebates. Pay at checkout with ShoppingBoss. You’ll earn 7% from Ebates and 9% from ShoppingBoss (16%) on your purchase!

How do I earn cash back on travel? Simple! Just make your airline, hotel, and car rental reservations through ShoppingBoss. We have partnered with Priceline so you can earn 9% for hotel bookings, and 3% on car rentals. We also carry digital gift cards for Delta Airlines, American Airlines, Hyatt Hotels, and many other travel companies.

I made a hotel, car rental or airline reservation but I’m not seeing my cash back! Don’t worry. Reservations made through All Hotels, All Car Rentals and All Airline Tickets utilize our partnership with Priceline. These reservations can take up to 2 weeks to be reported back to us. Once reported, we will post these transactions into your account as Pending Cash. After your hotel stay, flight or car rental is completed, we’ll be notified again and move your cash from Pending to Available.