No two players develop along the same trajectory. Some mature early while others mature gradually over  time. We recognize the individuality of a player’s developmental journey and use a progressive, innovative approach that best fits each player: the Player Pool.


In this philosophy, pools of players are assembled from one or two birth years. From this group, teams are assembled based on what is deemed best for each player’s development. An important distinction between utilizing a player pool and simply having two or three static teams in an age group is the fluidity a player pool allows. A player can move between teams or training groups based on their specific stage of development.


Since it’s possible to move players between pools, a player could be exposed to a more demanding match, moving from Pool B up to Pool A for example -- one game at a time. Then the player returns to the original pool. Utilizing the club pass and ability-based grouping into player pools eliminates the “all or nothing” situation with fixed teams.

The possible fluid movement of players between pools for training sessions and matches allows the coaching staff to individualize player development. The staff compare notes weekly on the players to determine which ones may need to switch pools. That move could be for one day, theentire soccer year or anything in between.


We stress to our players, coaches and parents to have the courage to be patient and trust the development process the club has created.



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