We are Arsenal Football Club of PA!

At Arsenal Football Club of PA, our MISSION is to develop quality soccer players throughout Western Pennsylvania who honor themselves and the game with their ability, attitude and effort.

We concentrate our energy on building your child’s soccer skills – through a structured and quality curriculum – that teaches them how to function as a member of a team. We believe this approach will not only develop exceptional futballers, but also promote the growth of quality individuals and scholar-athletes who excel both on and off the pitch.

Our goal is to educate our team on the essential core values of commitment, dedication, selflessness and taking pride in your work.

We recognize that this period of your child’s life is referred to as "The Golden Age of Learning.” Therefore, we are determined to make this time as productive and enjoyable a period as we can.

Our PHILOSOPHY is quite simple…
We do the Right things Every day.
We show Respect for each other and the game.
We Achieve our Goals Together.